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He Was A Friend Of Ours - Remastered

He Was A Friend Of Ours

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Welcome to the JPIO Tree !

The JPIO Tree is a free service for members of JPIO and others interested in the music of Jimi Hendrix. It's not intended as a substitution for the JPIO group, but as an additional way spreading the music of Jimi Hendrix.

The JPIO Tree is based on the same structure as used by and similar sites.To learn more about how it works, please refer to the FAQ. Remember it's a non-profit project, and in order for it to work, it depends on the participants fullfilling their obligations. In other words: Don't sign up as a branch if you can't accept the responsibility that comes with it.

As a branch you should try to pass on copies to your designated sub-branches / leaves as fast as possible - preferably within 2-3 days after receiving your disc. A good idea would probably also be for leaves and sub-branches to contact their branches immideatley after the tree-structure has been posted, to exchange addresses and set up trades.

The JPIO Tree will primarily be used for the distribution of new and / or previously uncirculated material, but this is no rule. However: Even though there's plenty of material waiting for a larger audience, excperiences so far seem to indicate that not everything is suitable for this format. With the amount of work that has to go into each tree, the JPIO Tree will therefor be reserved for material that it's reasonable to believe will generate a rather high level of interest.

New trees will be made available now and then, much depending on what's happening on the "Collector's Scene" at the moment, and what's becoming available. Info regarding tree status and new trees will be posted to the JPIO group as we go along, and if we all pull together, this can prove to be a nice addition to the weeds and vines.

If you've got any questions, please read the FAQ before you contact the Tree Service Board.

Good luck to us all ! ;-)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must fill in name, country and e-mail address in the sign-up form in order for the form to work. The information you provide is necessary in order to create a tree structure that's as efficient as poossible, and for keeping track of the tree progress. Only the e-mail address will be posted publicly as part of the tree structure. By signing up to any trees at JPIO Tree you accept the conditions of the trees as outlined in the FAQ, and if you fail to fullfill your obligations as participant, you will be prohibited from participating in any future trees at JPIO Tree.

... just another way of spreading the music